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1928  Born in Langre, ancient Roman city.

1947 ~ 55 Higher National School of Fine Arts in Paris
1947 ~ 50 Student of Narbonne that respects the composition and drawing. Bernard Buffet Narbonne was at the same workshop.
1950 ~ 1955 Student of Mici Chaplin who taught him the colors. He became assistant of Mici Chaplin in his atlelier. Cassigneul becomes assistant, as his cadet. Michel Henry was interviewed as massier of the workshop during the entrance examination of the workshop.
He was sent in 1954 in Barcelona as representive of the Higher National School of Fine Art, in Paris, and his paintings are exposed there.

He was sent in 1955 in Berlin as representative of the price "ecole Le Taylor".

1956 He was awarded the Descartes` house price.He has studied at the Amsterdam maison DECARTES and was awarded a scholarship as well as that price.
1957 ~ 58 He received the price of Vekazqyez. He studied in Madrid and received a scholarship as well as that price.
1958 ~ 65 He became a painter for the ROMNE gallery, Avenue Matignon (in Paris), the best french art gallery of the time.
1960 He received the Palais Royal price and the silver Medal of the City of Paris.                   From now, he leaves the dark colors that characterized the atmosphere after the World War.
He received in 1961 the price of Henry Farman.
1965 He received the grand prize of young French painters.
1965 ~ 2010 He lived for 45 years in Chagall`s workshop, Avenue General Lecler, in Paris.
1967 ~ 87 He became a painter for the gallery of American painters "Waly Findly", Avenue Matignon, in Paris, Chicago, Palm Beach, New York, and London. He was visiting           the USA every year.

1974 He met the King of Iran.

1975 Personal exhibition in Geneva.
1977 He received the gold medal of the exhibition of the society of French artists.
1981 He is named Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor. He received the Gold Medal of show of national horticultural society.
1982 Personal exhibition in Geneva.
1983 He is named office manager of the autumn show.
1984 He is named Chavalier of the order of merit agricole. "Le salon d'automne" organizes the retrospective of Michel-Henry.
1985 He is sent by "Le salon d'automne" in Japan and his paintings are exposed in the National Museum of Japan.
He received the 1986 Emerveille price of the city of Paris.
1987 His paintings are exposed in Japan on the occasion of the orchid exhibition.
1989 ~ 95 Following the closure of Waly Findly gallery, he became painter of the Etienne Sassis gallery, Avenue Matignon. The Sassis gallery exposed two famous French painters at the same time: Michel-Henry and Brasilier.
1990 He became vice president of "Le salon d'Automne".
1991 He received the gold medal of the Salon Violet. Madame  Jaques Chirac, First Lady, organizes the retrospective of Michel-Henry at the Sediaire’ castle.
1992 A Japanese cement company (Onodasemento) creates its calendar with images of   Michel-Henry’ paintings. The Sassis gallery organizes his personal exhibition in Paris and New York.
1993 Personal exhibition of Michael Henry in Lille and Munich.
1994 He is sent to Japan by the Salon d'automne for the preparation of special booth of Japanese painters. Personal exhibition in Brussels.

1994~ He started to be exposed at Adekat gallery, in Japan.
He went to Japan every year until 2009.

~ Since 1995 Gallery Etienne Sassis closes, he became painter at the 
Alexendre Leodeuses gallery,Avenue Matignon.
1995 Tokyu, Tokyu Ninonbashi,and Toyoko hyatukaten have organized an exhibition on Michel-Henry.

1996 He was sent to Japan as French representative of Franco-Japanese exhibition of contemporary artists. He is appointed Vice President of the Calvi salon.
The retrospective of Michael Henry is organized in the chapel of the Jesuits.
1997 The Princess of Sweden, Arianne Bernadoto visits the Michel-Henry workshop.
He became the president of the Calvi salon.

Okinawa Mitsukoshi organizes the exhibition of Michel-Henry. The wife of Raymond Barre, former Prime Minister, and the Countess of Orleans sent a message to the exhibition.

1998 For the Franco-Japanese year, he is invited to exhibit his work at the Kobe Oriental Hotel.
He was invited by the prefect of Kobo, Tositami Kaihara, in the residence normally privately used by the prefect. Tositami  Kaihara gave him the key of the prefecture as a sign of a citizen of honnor. He was on Kobe TV  (News).
He visited the consul of France in Kobe-Osaka, Alain Naunme.
The Hinodemisaki hotel of Hokkaido in Japan is decorated with paintings by Michel-Henry.
Famous Michel-Henry`s exhibition at the Printemps Ginza with the presence of Michel-Henry.
The president, Mrs CCSI recommended to paint on the gallery wall to comemorate the exhibition.
The retrospective of Michel-Henry is conducted at famous Chateaux of the Val de France center under the patronage of Jacques Chirac, French Presiden. 300,000 persons             visited the exhibition, which was on during  3 months.

1999 Michel-Henry edited the series of Paris landscape 20 lithographer <Paris 2000>
The Printemps Ginza and Chiba Mitsukosi department stores organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.

Hyogo prefecture 2000 (Kobe) famous exhibition of flowers and greenery <Japan flora 2000> . Michel-Henry has been invited as a representative of the national horticultural society of France and as a citizen of honnor. Nagoya Mitsukosi, Sinnjyuku Takashimaya, Daimaru Kyoto organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.

2001 Mitsukosi Ikebukuro, Chibamitsukosi organized a personal exposition of Michel-Henry.
France's ambassador to Japan, Mr Groudault, famous Montaigne's start reception of Michel Henry offical. Madama Dewi Scaruno his house, First Lady of Indonesia, Masasi Okikawa Opera singer participates.

2002 Satsuporo Mitsukoshi organized a personal exhibition of Michael Henry, who appeared onHokkaido TV. The mayor of Omu, which owns the hotel decorated by the paintings of Michel-Henry, the reception of the Home Michel -Henry. M.Gille Guiot, Director of French alliance in Sapporo, and first secretary of the Embassy of France, Mr Fiesky,were present.

2003 Mitsukosi Ikebukuro, Sendai Mitsukosi, Hakata Daimaru organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry. It was aired on Sendai TV.
Mr Ohta, president of Hakata Daimaru and Niko Hotel,in Fukuoka, invited Michel-Henry    exhibition Hakatadaimaru Hotel Fukuoka Niko bought a painting by Michel-Henry,       which is exposed in the reception of the hotel.
Kimura Gallery, in Osaka, organized a exhibition of Michel Henry. The Kobe-Osaka consul, Mr Chategneux, and the former mayor of Osaka, are invited to the opening.

The Albigensian midipyrenee the mill organizes the retrospective of Michel-Henry.

2004 The president of TV sapporo bunnkahoso, Mr Kinasi and Mr Takeda, official representative of Michel-Heny in Japan, visit Langre to establish the jumlage between Langre and Omucho who owns the hotel exhibiting Michel-Heny gallery municipal. The             consul of Japan participates Alsace Mr Matsubara Home reception of the japanese mission the Mayor of Langre.

Nihonbasimitsiukosi,  Kobadaimaru, and Hirosimamitsukosi organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry. It was aired on Hiroshima TV.

2005 In June, the department store Isetan organized an exhibition on Michel-Henry and the masters of the 20th century at the  Winstin hotel, in Ebisu, Tokyo. In November, Shinjyukuisetan, matsudoisetan, and Huchuisetan organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.

2006 Nihonbasimitsukosi, Sendai Mitsukosi, Yokohama Intercontinental hotel organized a Michel-Henry exhibition.

2007 gatroix Hermit hotel, in Lille, organized the retrospective of Michel-Henry.

Ikebukuro Tobu Kobedaimaru Hiroshimamitukosi okayamatennmaya organized a personal         exhibition of Michel-Henry.

2008 Nihonbasimitsukosi, Nagoyamitsukoshi, and Fukuyamatenmaya organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry. It was broadcasted on  Fukuyama TV.

2009 Kobedaimaru, kyotodaimaru, and Odakyu hailando hotel organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.

2011 Michel-Henry receives the Gold Medal of the city of Paris.
The Visselrie gallery, in Paris, and Rod organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.

2012 Nihonnbasimitsukosi and  Kobedaimaru organized the personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.
2013 Nihonbashimitsukosi exhibited Michel-Henry as the main painter of the "Painter of the world of French arts" exhibition. Jansem, Cathelin Gantener, Cassigneul, etc. are exhibited   with him.
Daimaru Kobe organized a personal exhibition of Michel-Henry.

2014 The city of the famous Antony retrospective of Michel-Henry.


The modern museum of the city of Paris,Musee of Bogota Museum of Valencia, Musee de Langre,Museum of Beirut Museum Orlean, royal family Arabi Arabia, Sweden, to Holland, Norway, Monaco principality family, M.Jaques Chirac (former President of France M Raymon Barre (former first minister of France Janne Moreau, Greda Garbo, Niko Hotel Fukuoka, Hotel Ana.


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