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                                     Raymond Peynet



Raymond Peynet

Since he was young Laughter (smile), France Dimanche (France Sunday) Ici Paris (like here in Paris)
Announced magazines and newspapers, it can be recognized young talent. Stage equipment illustrations and play Valley literary works as he received Grand Prix at the International Comics Festival. The Paris laville of medal and other Parix .the lpeintures Peynet is full of poetry lovers as in the first episode of the poem, I make us show to entertain and gather people from various flowers that bloom in love from the heart. It is widely loved for people who have been called the year of youth around the world.
Monaco is a collection of over doll collection Peynet
I was born in 1908 in Paris.
1922 graduate of the industry of the school of decorative arts in Paris,
it will go to the road of advertising design.
Born is "lover Penalty" When you look at 1942 Amphitheatre Vlaminck (kiosk).
Rick and published in the magazine rack.
He won the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Comics in 1953.
The Brussels World Exposition 1958 dolls Penalty, such as postcards will be exhibited.
Oscar Award 1970 international prices.
We want to have the "love and the world travel Penalty" 1974 animated feature film.
1980 "Zodiac" 12 sheets Lithograph production.
Fresco production 1981 Caro (France). (Length 40m x 8m)
Issuance of commemorative Valentine design in 1985 Peine. (La France)
Series published in 1985 Peynet lovers original lithograph.
1,986 Peynet Museum (Karuizawa, Japan) open. Peine and his wife came to Japan to open Memorial.
1,988 Peynet Museum (Antibes, France) Open.


                                                       Original print of Peynet



Raymond Peynet, very popular in Europe and in the United States,  is an illustrator of the 20th century. Currently, there is a museum, the museum Peynet, in Antibe, a city of the French Riviera. Antibe is a city that made Saint-Tropez, Cannes, luxury hotel, as with the Nice Côte d'Azur French on the Italian Riviera. Côte d'Azur you are where many established artists, there is the famous museum of a number. Chagall in Nice, Matisse, there is a museum of Djufi. Cannes is not a museum, such as the Festival de Cannes is famous. And in Antib There are museums of Picasso and Peynet. These two museums has become an important tourism resources for the management of the city-owned. There has Karuizawauseum Peynet, famous summer holiday area and
Mimasaka-cho, OKayma Prefecture in Japan. Peynet Museum Karuizawa in the park called Taliesin, Karuizawa pocket tray, Tomiko Asabuki Museum, is located in a building that was built by the famous American architect Raymond with such a rose garden.

He made in his life only around 50 original lithographs and 12 zodiac. Ils sign of burning leaves a little less than 1000 drawing or gouaches. Despite the mimimal quantity of the original works, he remains famous and continues to be loved around the world.

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