Born on September 9th, 1963, Piermatteo defined over the years his own pictorial language.
For him "every emotional sensation corresponds to a particular light."
"I paint to regain the world that I carry with me."
Harlequins, musicians, landscapes of the south, starry nights, childhood, familiar atmosphere, escapes, magical atmospheres... The world of Piermatteo is rich in poetry. Mosaics to brightly illuminate the canvas and capture our emotions. The objects are scrambling, dance and hug under the light hand of the artist in a brilliantly orchestrated broom.
It requires shapes and colors geometry bold outlook full of unfinished dreams. Born on the Adriatic coast, it has retained its country this bright light that shines on his paintings.
Present in numerous galleries and private and public collections in France and abroad.

It is said of me, in England, that I practice Happy Art: a cheerful painting. I like this definition of Happy Art. The painting, the act of painting is important to me it allows me to stay connected with the world of the invisible, it also allows me to travel in a world imaginaire.Je paint to give color to the night, to find this world that I carry with me to keep awake the sleeping child in me to put emotions in the hearts of gens.Je also paint to turn the lights of hope in a magical world and enchanteurs.Pour me painting is daring, spontaneity is not only an image to be seen it is also a signe.Lorsque I paint my vibratory rate increases I feel good I just pick things beautiful, happiness, joy, love and all positive feelings that I put in my paintings is what I want to offer my painting monde.Je puts in all that I am and what I was music an important part of my work can be found in my paintings scenes with characters playing the violin, guitar or saxophone.


Les Salons / Distinction

1998 bronze medal prices fair witness artists of their times
1999/2002 first prize for young painters gold medal ions The international club
1999 Invited to the art fair in Valencia and Inter Arles
2000 Invited to the European artists living in Livron
2001 Invited to the International Fair Vallaurie
2001 Medal of honor at Trans living in St Tulle
2002 Silver medal at the company exhibition of fine arts of Béziers
2003 First prize medal and diploma of honor in the living room Tavolozza Italy Termoli
Guest 2004/2005 ARTéNÎM living in Nimes
2006 Guest of honor at the show in St Alban temple
2007 First gold medal award the fountain of living sea Sanary arts
2008/2010 Guest lounge ARTéNÎM Grenoble

• France, Italy, Luxembourg, Almagne, Switzerland, Portugal, United State, Dubai (Arab Emirates), Australia,
• England, Japan
Adekat Gallery: Japan (Tokyo)