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chateaux de Brisac ブリザック城

chateaux de saumure ソミュール城

                                      Jean GODIN





1943  Born in Angers, France

The National School of Fine Art, Angers

Angers is located in the south-west of Paris, and is the capital of the Loire region.    The Loire area is called the Garden of France and nobles lived there for its beautiful   and pitoresque landscape. Many castles of noble families are scattered in   the region.






I have painted for 50 years. After an abstract period I returned to figurative free. At a time, I loved the work of painters of the Ecole de Paris and the sordid movement represented among others by Bernard Buffet, Jean Jansem, and Michel de Gallard.
While keeping sharp graphics, I quickly moved away from this pictorial current to direct me to a joyful and colorful painting. I paint a lot of landscapes and the presence of water is very common in my compositions, certainly influenced by the Loire River in my hometown. The Loire has immense sandbanks lined with lush vegetation. These landscapes, while still majestic, give an impression of calm and sandbars play with the gray water of the river, while the trees appear almost black. I also like to         represent the wild flowers gleaned during my walks on the banks of the river and especially the poppies, whose bright red vibrates in these landscapes.
Winter and snow landscapes attract me a lot, because at that time, the graphics of the trees are beautiful and I can play on the canvas with branch lines. Actually, I paint what touches me deeply without much asking me questions. I try to translate the emotion that these landscapes, these flowers made bloom in me.






* 2nd Prize for Young Painters of the Loire Valley. (73)
* Public Award,Brissac. (76)
* Selected Horizon Jeunesse Indépendants,Paris (80)
* Lions Club of Governors Price,Angers. (80)
* Special Jury Prize and Audience,Brissac. (81)
* Audience Award,Les Rosiers sur Loire. (82)
* Price Jean Meunier Gemmail,Tours. (83)
* Finalist in the International Grand Prix Gemmail,Tours. (83)
* Public Award,Pornic. (83)
* Gold Medal,Les Moutiers. (83)
* Price Monique Bourgeois,Cholet. (83)
* Grand Prix,St.Gemmes sur Loire. (85)
* Grand Prix of Ernee. (86)
* Audience Award,Salon Tricastin. (88)
* Guest of honor, St.Gemmes sur Loire. (88)
* Bronze Medal,Salon French Artists ,Paris. (89)
* Lions Club Award ,Salon French Artists ,Paris. (89)
* Appointed Associate of French Artists in 1988.
* Appointed Associate of the Autumn Salon in 1990.
* Audience Award,Salon of St.Gemmes sur Loire.
. (92-94-95-00-01-02-03-05)
* Guest of Honour, Salon de Saumur. (92)
* Medal of Honour, Murs Erigné. (92-99)
* Grand Prize of the city of Trélazé. (98)
* Award,Salon St.Aubin Luigné. (01)
* Audience Award,salon St.Aubin Luigné. (02)
* Price of the Senate, Exhibition of Chinon. (02)
* Grand Prix of the Community of Municipalities, Thouars. (02)
* Guest of honor, Pommeraye the salon. (02)
* Guest of honor, Soulaire and Bourg salon. (04)
* Price of the National Assembly, Exhibition of Chinon. (04)
* Painting Prize, Carquefou Show (04) and guest of honor. (08)
* Friends of Old Chinon Price, Exhibition of Chinon. (06)
* Price of the city of Clairac. (07)
* Audience Award,SalonThouars. (08)
* Appointed Associate Artists for Hope. (07)
* Sponsorship Award,Salon Clairac. (11) (12)
* Audience Award, Salon St Aignan de Grand Lieu. (11)
* Audience Award,Salon Télazé. (13)




Jean Godin is moving towards deeper emotions, more sensual sensitivity, towards a kind of
pictorial intimacy in which only the true creators can penetrate. His message is no longer the resonance of a pleasant evocation but a powerful artistic creation must be made and will prevail through success. A kind of inner communication, inspired by the naive eyes of the poet and the skilled hands of the magician.
Jacques Pierre.

Coming out of a dream, Jean Godin saw the simple beauty that nature offers to the eyes. new.
Anne Catherine.
West france.laval.

Jean Godin translated perfectly in his painting a contemporary romanticism attached to loneliness and respect for the past, and a sincere and direct communication with nature.
Maison Michel.
Ocean Press.

These remain pearly transparency modulated in a range the acidity softened, obtained by light glaze, and which are exclusive to Jean Godin bill.
Joseph Fumet.
Mail west.

Jean Godin always imposes his personality by an essentially sensory and therefore sensitive interpretation. But it has long been accepted in art that sensation is preferable to the object that gives rise. Also, it should be stressed the interest of this exhibition.
Maison Michel.
Ocean Press.

Jean Godin puts page with an address consumed a light painting, sunshine and joy that talks about his happiness to be.
Elisabeth Sutra.
Mail of Mayenne.

Jean Godin, an artist that amaze "beautiful" things in life, a man who chose to quietly live his passion and who knows where the real values ​​are. A rare and precious simplicity.
Alain Dutasta.
New Republic, Angers.

When one travels the picture rails where these recent paintings are exposed to, can not that be sensitive to the subtle light that emanates from all these and accentuates the obvious lyricism. It is that the artist is a master glaze .... Jean Godin is a colorist whose paintings justify the well-known adage: "When the color has its richness, the form acquires all its fullness."
Jean Pierre Foucher.
Nantes pocket.

Everything in this painting is serene and secret radiation, both in the landscapes of autumn
Winter with red brush that catch the last sun shines in all fields of vibrant plant life. This delicacy of expression is enhanced by the use of a very clever technique of completing the table by a sort of graphic overlay that appears literally write the image while keeping him joy and lightness. Jean Godin brings us into a smooth and transparent world.
Yves Cosson.
Ocean Press

Jean Godin, by a working glaze, honors its classic Dutch masters or English Turner
inspired him.
Claude Choplin.
New Republic, Blois.

Jean Godin loves the Loire. But not the Loire drained in summer or in winter loaded. Loire basking in the autumnal light, a light that giving him the maximum intensity in the colors of his palette extracted and placed like a morning fog a little cottony on the water and a little sleepy sleepy just before the floods. La Chapelle des Jacobins: a unique setting for a painter who is equally so.

He drags his palette to the Saumur gray sky. He won up in Provence, in the scrubland or the roofs of St.Tropez. Jean Godin took the opportunity to push up walls that still seem responsible for the heat of the daylight. Before these walls still glowing, he scratches the canvas of vibrant details.
New Republic, Tours.

For one period to another remains in the work of Jean Godin constant, a thread, a character trait: he practices a painting of reflection. The mood does not seem pochade its done but rather the patient work of climate alchemist. At the same time, he "fluffs" a fyke graphics, it claw, defaces, tugs his drawing for networks whose dynamism behind the composition. In this, its romantic atmosphere does not express the sweetness of abandonment, a spleen, but to its proactive project firmly led. The "legato" of his bill is ultimately more referred to as dry point soft watercolor.
Jean Godin and his paint job do not let close as unwelcome varnish definitions. You have to walk to her not to hear his confidence, resonate, be charmed by his spells discrete, selected, precious ointment poured forth like a bit.
Joseph Fumet.
Mail West.

A very special work that goes beyond the vision, which will seek the sweetness and strangeness of an atmosphere that is more like a poetry that can release a place, which is an open window on the wonderful world of fairy tales and fairies. Jean Godin of the paintings out of their home to take their particularity which is that where one expects to hear recite a poem by Verlaine or Baudelaire. Better still if the worms that exist do not permit, their creation is contained in the canvas. For this, Jean Godin opened his first shot as a prompt to come through its beautiful landscape. The villages are in harmony with nature. The houses are pushed freely, apart from all constraints, where the desire of the inhabitants wanted them. Elsewhere a pond untamed shores lounging lazily among the meadows and orchards. Far, far away from the strict geometry of Cubism, and quite the opposite of them, Jean Godin has made all its fantasy nature. Gustav Mahler wrote the poem of the Earth, Jean Godin painted it.
Christian Germak
Arts News Magazine
January 2003


Art actualite magazine


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