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Yasuhiro TAKDEA

Owner of Galerie Adekat 

Mobile 81 90 3900 7489


ロTakeda in Iitate village to help it wiht chief of village and his rotary club friends 

Mr Isomura’s mdal receiving celebration party with Mr Beaudray ,friend of Rotary club.

r. Isomura is a former NHK Newscaster, the first director of the Japan culture center and the President of the Association of Michel Henry in Japan.

Michel-Henry in galerie Adekat with Takeda

Yasuhiro TAKEDA  born in 1953 at Okayama prefecture

graduated of University of Montpellier  

graduated of University of Paris master 


in 1986年 He establishes Adekat Corporation

since 1987 he He held exhibitions at many department stores and other commercial facilities


since1988~1999 He runs the Gallery Adekat in the French Chamber of Commerce exhibition hall


since1995~20015 He ran galley vent de France inside the Karuizawa Prince Hotel Shopping Plaza. Karuizawa is Japan's most celebrity resort and Prince Hotel is Japan's leading hotel chain.


2015年~He opened galerie Adekat in the head office building and started wholesale sales 

Michelle Henri welcome party at the French Embassy​ in Japan French Ambassadors, Takeda, Michelle Henry and supporters

Michelle Henri Retrospective at Albee,in France: Takeda Responds to Local Media Interview

Lectures by Mr. Isomura, Mr. Matsuda (President of Shobii Art College), Mr. Inuzuka (Professor of Practical University) and Galerie Adekat Takeda in Karuizawa

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